August 20, 2015

Call for release goal: package reconsideration

Based on a discussion around breakfast, and encouraged by the people at the table, I hereby call for a new release goal (or challenge, whatever you prefer to call it):

Every package maintainer should remove one of their packages from the archive.

It's dead simple. It is acceptable to adopt a package to replace the one that has been removed, or to add a new one to the archive.
For tracking purposes please include "for RG" (release goal) in the removal request to

And how about a debconf challenge? how about filing over 100 removal requests before the end of Debconf 15 on Saturday night? blog about it, dent/twit about it, spam IRC about it!

The idea came up after discussing about how us as package maintainers refuse to remove our obsolete or unused packages. So yes, that may also include the very first package that you got into the archive.

Sad news, good news.

1 comment:

  1. That sounds a bit extreme to me. However, I must admit that that's mostly caused by giving out concrete numeric targets.

    Why not start a little bit smaller?

    It is my impression (not backed up by any facts) that there are a quite some badly maintained packages that really ought to be orphaned or given up for adoption.