July 10, 2012

Experimental IPv6 support

For a few hours now, http.debian.net is also reachable over IPv6. The service is still experimental, as the code makes a few assumptions that are not yet automatically verified and the IPv6 GeoIP database is sort-of experimental too.

Note that the results between a request over IPv4 and one over IPv6 may vary quite a bit. Requests over IPv6 are redirected only to hosts that support it. A great number of mirrors, however, don't support IPv6.

July 08, 2012

Updates to http.debian.net

It's been a week with quite some changes to http.debian.net, the Debian mirrors redirector, and it keeps coping very well with the continuously increasing traffic: over 1.5 million requests from APT clients in the last seven days! half-million more from the week before.

The good news is, those rare Hash Sum mismatch errors should be mostly gone. Ditto for some other sort of errors. There is now a second server that takes care of monitoring the mirrors and is ready to handle some of the traffic if there's any need. With this new server, http.debian.net will soon be available over IPv6 too.

Those who are at Debconf12 and followed my advice to use http.debian.net will have noticed that it is redirecting users to the local mirror. So, once again, forget about switching mirrors!

Thanks are also due to Jörg Jaspert and Philipp Kern, for the new server and for the work needed to allow http.debian.net access to Debconf12's local mirror, respectively.

Many thanks again to those who keep providing feedback and have helped the project along the way.

What's next? even more improvements and fixing some issues, some of which involve further collaboration and cooperation with the mirror administrators.

Some parts of the Debian mirrors network are fragile and may bite every once in a while, but those are being worked on. If you administer a mirror, please use ftpsync and submit your Debian mirror.
You might be happy to know that I'm working on restricting mirrors to specific Autonomous System, or countries. More on this later.