April 01, 2014

Rant: no more squeeze LTS

Following my blog post about Long Term Support for Debian squeeze, the news was picked up by Slashdot, Reddit (again), Barrapunto, Twitter, and Phoronix (in spite of their skepticism).

Over 300 persons, some representing their companies, contacted the security team since the news about the LTS came out - it all seemed like things were finally rrolling.

However, a few days before the coordination mailing list was setup, a not-so-friendly mail was received from a legal officer of a company that produces a RPM derivative with Long Term Support and paid support contracts. The company-that-can't-be-named from here on, due to trademark abuse.

Long story short: the Debian Squeeze LTS project has been boycotted and threatened. Unfair competition (antitrust law) has been brought up against the project, among other threats.

So, great move company-that-can't-be-named, you got it - there won't be LTS, it's been decided and the interested parties have been notified. Perhaps you want to take over the actual development?