June 12, 2013

Service update: 5 million a day

After the release of Debian wheezy traffic jumped to about 1 million requests per day, but as the weeks have passed by traffic has continued to increase to 5 million requests every day.

Even though it is a new record for the redirector it can not yet be compared to openSUSE.org's 20-40 million on their mirrorbrain instance. Let's see how long it takes to get there.

User adoption has increased but it has yet to become the default mirror in several places.


  1. Any chance mirrorbrain can be fixed to accommodate the needs of Debian mirrors?

    1. There are two major blockers:
      1. having different versions of a file with the same name is not supported by mirrobrain
      2. mirrors scanning becomes an issue with the 350+ mirrors and a client which is not fault tolerant. Most mirrors are not available via rsync and many others are not available over ftp either.

      I don't see myself hacking mirrobrain to solve those problems.