February 25, 2013

A tale of a bug report

Part 1:
A bug report is filed.
Part 2:
A patch is later provided by the submitter.
Part 3:
The patch is added to the package, the bug gets fixed.

[some time later]

Part 4:
A new upstream version is released, the patch is dropped.
Part 5:
The bug report is filed, again.


  1. Always fill upstream , the policy should be 0 patches

    1. Hi Adrian,

      I must disagree with you on that one.

      Bug reporting on distribution level are valid and very much needed as are the patches. Think of stable version of Debian - if a new version upstream fixes a bug it might introduce other ones and (with exceptions) stable doesn't get newly released versions.

      Sometimes, for various reasons, patches are not accepted upstream or the problem might simply be Debian-specific.

      Kind regardsm


  2. $ vcs rebase
    Ideally should provide safe-guards against this.... But human errors do always happen.

  3. And they lived happily ever after.