March 29, 2012

I have a blog, again

I'm back with a blog.

After being inactive for a while on my previous blog, hosted at, they apparently nuked my account. Blog, pictures, and other files, all gone; no prior notification. I'm rather sad of such lack of courtesy.
Even when some months ago a friend asked me about my blog (by saying something along the lines of it being unavailable) it never occurred to me that it had been cancelled. It was until I tried to post about something the other day that I noticed it was gone, for real.

There doesn't even appear to be a way to recover the account.

Anyway, time for a fresh start (sort of). This time at blogger. Hello blogosphere, hello world.


  1. So, after using a blogging service run for free by a third party, and finding that they decided to stop running it, you switched to another blogging service run for free by a third party?

    Servers are cheap and blogging software is plentiful. ikiwiki is -> that way. ;)

    1. Hosting it myself implies having to maintain it, and that means one other thing I need to spend time on and worry about.

      At least this time the provider is more reliable and I can actually make backups :)